The following list not only gives you an overview of the medical technology companies which we represent, but also an idea of the products we distribute for these organizations. However, upon request we might be able to provide other medical products/services as well.





Accriva Diagnostics Corp.

hospital point-of-care, cardiovascular, dialysis

blood coagulation, blood oximetry and blood platelet reactivity measurement devices

Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd.

interventional cardiology

guide wires, guiding catheters, microcatheters

Biosensors International Group, Ltd.


interventional cardiology and interventional radiology

balloons, stents

LifeHealth, LLC

hospital point-of-care, veterinary

blood gas measurement devices

Mediplast AB

otolaryngology, wound care

nasal speculums, suction tips, bandages

PneumRx, Inc.

interventional pulmonology


Tryton Medical, Inc.

interventional cardiology

side branch bifurcation stents


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